Valentino Spring 2012 Couture 

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Hello All,

Today, has been hit with a DMCA Claim by Home Box Office (HBO). The DMCA is for Game of Thrones and True Blood screencaps, however, if the DMCA remains in place we will be required to remove all of our galleries to keep in line with host requirements.

We come to you asking for your help. Please sign our petition directed to HBO asking them to remove the DMCA claim against our site.

PETITION: Removing DMCA against

Thank you for your support. Our site will remain offline until a resolution, either way, is reached.

Update: We will be offering zip downloads while the site is offline.


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Head of a Lady in Medieval Costume (detail), Lucien Victor Guirand de Sccevola, 1900

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AA by maykel lima on Flickr.

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That was the saddest thing, the thing that tore at her afterward… the way he smiled.
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There are much worse games to play.

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 Luana Magalhães

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