Of course sweetie, here we go:

from this:

To this:

You’ll see it’s very simple, ok so first you open the image you want to edit, don’t add any coloring or psd yet, just resize

1) Choose the tool eyedropper tool (we’re going to “extract” the color we need)

2) Click on the area (the face) you’re going to delete/paint, a circle like this one appears (on cs5 at least)

3) choose the brush tool:

you can choose the size or type of brush, the size depends of course of your image, and I mostly use the “soft round pressure size” one:

Now “paint” the face (mostly eyes,mouth,nose, not the whole face)

Do that for Marie Antoinette’s face as well (not same color for the skin)

Now you can add coloring/gradients or psds and textures as you want, sharpen etc…you can also add a text on the “blank faces” :)

Hope it helped, if you have any questions, feel free to ask ;)

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