I JUST CUT MY HAIR SUPER SHORT *whelp* *have a bonus Lucius*

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  3. delphes said: Hair ♥
  4. makeeverydayahappyday said: ah it looks good! and your bunny is cuute!
  5. mycolorfuldarkness said: ça te va tellement bien!!!!!!!
  6. wherethestorylineend said: Aww ça te super bien *-* (ton lapin »»»»>)
  7. wintersansa said: so cuuuute <3 both of you!
  8. felicedellarovere said: omg you’re so cute! i love the cut on you!
  9. knightofphoenix said: ta coiffure est si mignonne et belle!! Le lapin aussi :P
  10. akingslayer said: You’re beautiful!
  11. rowenaofthedurbervilles said: you are such a cutie pie !!
  12. madmaloraarchive said: JAI DIT CHAT OH MON DIEU ERREUR NON
  13. thornsandwolves said: How beautiful! I envy anyone who can pull off cute short hair. You look super gorgeous :)
  14. narcissablacking said: YOU LOOK ADORABLE AND GORGEOUS! and buns, buns, buns buns.
  15. sisyphuus said: i recently cut my hair very very short too and when i looked in the mirror i wanted to die, but now i’m ok. i just need to get used to it as well. but waking up with no hair is a bless.
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